We create films that excite the imagination and inspire the soul.
Well, that's the idea at least.

Sterling Silva (aka “The Director” or “sterrizzill”) graduated from California State University of Northridge with a degree in film studies to fulfill a blood oath to his ninja clan. Sterling is an elite level thespian and a master of cinematic ninjitsu. Though he can kill a man with his stare, his true talent lies in making people act with a word – any word. Upon defeating his 7 rivals in the Kumite, Sterling earned the title of Studio Boss.
Ryan Pietz (aka “The Producer”) infiltrated California State University of Long Beach and retrieved a degree in Management Information Systems. Ryan has studied a myriad of martial, classical, and Electronic Arts; at the latter of which he attained the role of Lead Game Tester. The tropical island on Ryan's head is rumored to have sprung from his excess creativity. Ryan is an active agent of the United States Government, specializing in electronic espionage.

Individually and as a team they have and completed several successful assignments that include commercials, promotional videos, short films, and a TV pilot.
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