Droid Hunter - Trailer 1

Droid Hunter
Trailer 1
Total Runtime 2:47

Written and Directed by Renan Fabio Rizzi
Starring Sterling Silva and Justin Del Matto
Associate Producer Jeff Allen
Production and Cinematography by Renan Fabio Rizzi
Edited by Sterling Silva

Music by A Flock of Seagulls
OC Ninjas: Trailer

"The most ninjatic film of all time!"

Orange County is a place of international intrigue where spontaneous ninja battles happen at the drop of a spoon. Two men, possibly possessing power beyond comprehension, have a fateful meeting that propels them into a nefarious plot as an evil ninja corporation vies for control of a mysterious box. What does this box hold? A vast ninja fortune? The sword of a ninja master? Only the brave will know.

This movie is about ninja, for ninja. By the end you will either be a ninja or be killed by awesomeness.*

Trailer Music by: The Minibosses
Enjoy a deleted scene.

*You will be a ninja because you already were a ninja before going to this film. This film will not make you a ninja, unless you're lucky.
Venture Bros. (LARP) - Murder on Massacre Mountain Montage

The Venture Bros. (LARP): Murder on Massacre Mountain Montage
Total Run Time: 6:07
Released: 12/25/2008
Music by Jackson Publick
"For 24" by sidtheskitch and the Grocery Boys

Dr. Rusty Venture: Noah Korda
Brock Samson: Jim Keller
Dean Venture: Ninja
Hank Venture: David Milano
H.E.L.P.e.R.: Morgan Joeck
Dr. Byron Orpheus: Mike Tice
Triana Orpheus: Kunoichi
Master Billy Quizboy: Rizwan Kassim
Professor Impossible: Michael Coleman
Dermott Fictel: Chris Winn
The Monarch: Morgan Wessler
Dr. Mrs. Monarch: Heather Pritchett
Monarch Henchman #21: Scott Rogers
Monarch Henchman #24: Harry Gromitt
Baron Unterbheit: Shinobi
King Gorilla: Marc Chan
Sergeant Hatred: David King
Myra Brandish: Jennifer Knighton
Dr. Henry Killinger: Andre Hoogeveen
Otaku Senzuri: Sterling Silva
Rick Danger: Ryan Pietz
Carl Brutananadilewski: Nick Schlensker

Production Staff
LARP Host: Richard A. Becker
Assistant Host: Bret Shefter
Director: Ryan Pietz
Producer: Sterling Silva
Executive Producer: Nick Schlensker
Cinematographer: Sterling Silva and Daniel Tan
Photographer: Nick Schlensker
Editor: Ryan Pietz and Nick Schlensker
Production Assistant:Chris Winn
Behind the Scenes
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