Desert Dead

Desert Dead
Total Run Time: 4:42
Release Date: Jan 30th, 2010

Cast and Crew
Woman - Julie Kennedy

Written and Directed by - Sterling Silva
Produced by - Jeff Scott Allen
Cinematography by - Renan Fabio Rizzi
Associate Producer - Cristina J. Ramirez-Mares
Editing by - Sterling Silva
Music by - The Wings of Satan
Trailer Music by - Change For A Dollar
I Gots to Nerf!

I gots to Nerf!
Total Run Time: 1:54
Released: 5/05/2009

Directed and Edited by Sterling Silva
Produced by Ryan Pietz
Starring Ray Pratt and Clemant Siu
Cinematography by Daniel Tan
Associate Producer Nick Schlensker
"Blaster Master / Contra" by: The Minibosses
8 Bit Weapon - Closer (Bitpop Mix) Music Video

8 Bit Weapon - Closer (Bitpop Mix) Music Video
Total Run Time: 2:52
Released: 4/28/2009

Directed and Produced by Sterling Silva and Jeff Scott Allen
Starring Italia Silva
Cinematography by Sterling Silva
Edited by Jeff Scott Allen
Associate Producer Dodie Ketchem
8 Bit Butterfly by Jason Boyer
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